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Climate  Risk

Existing models of natural catastrophe risk are inaccurate because they do not take into account future climate scenarios effectively. Consequently, the estimate of risk is inaccurate. So current estimates of wildfires, floods, and hurricanes could be wildly inaccurate.
Vayuh Investigation
We pride ourselves on ingesting data from thousands of different sources, including physics-based models, across millions of locations, for tens of variables, and future climate scenarios. We combine this data with physics and state-of-the-art generative AI models to produce the highly accurate forecasts and risk models.

At Vā

New Growth
Temperature Risk

Spatial Resolution: 30 SqKM (native), 4 SqKM

Data Range: 1960-2050

WildFire Risk

Spatial Resolution: 4 km2

Data Range: 1960-2050

Precipitation Risk

Spatial Resolution: 30 Km, 4 km2

Data Range: 1960-2050

Severe Convective Weather

Spatial Resolution: 3 km2

Data Range: 1990-2050

Wind Risk

Spatial Resolution: 30 km2, 4 km2

Data Range: 1960-2050

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